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Induction or gas hob? How to choose the most suitable with Design and Functionality advice

gas cooker on white glass top

Choosing the right hob is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of efficiency, safety and energy saving.
If you are choosing between an induction or gas hob, you will be evaluating both alternatives: the modern and technological induction hob or the classic and traditional gas hob

You will discover the advantages and disadvantages of both hobs, the best design trends of the moment and the latest technologies available. It doesn't matter if you are a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast, if you are furnishing your first home or simply renovating your kitchen, choosing the right hob is essential

Induction hobs: advantages and disadvantages of a modern and efficient hob

Induction hobs have become very popular in recent years due to their energy efficiency and elegant design. But what does induction hob mean?

Induction hobs use an electromagnetic field to heat pans directly, offering faster and more precise cooking. The induction hob directly heats the pot, minimizes the waste of electricity and offers precise temperature control.


  • Extreme precision in temperature regulation
  • Fast and efficient heating
  • Easy to clean thanks to the flat and glass ceramic surface
  • Modern and elegant design


  • Need for induction compatible pans
  • Generally higher price than gas hobs
  • Absence of live fire

Gas Hobs: advantages and disadvantages of a comfortable and versatile hob

Gas hobs are still highly appreciated by many cooks, both professional and amateur, for their ability to offer immediate and precise temperature control and for the presence of a live fire.

Furthermore, as they do not need an electrical connection, unlike induction hobs, they can be used at any time, without having to worry about any power outages.


  • Immediate and precise temperature control
  • Compatibility with all types of cookware
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Possibility of using live fire for special cooking
  • Generally lower price than induction hobs


  • Higher energy consumption than induction
  • More demanding cleaning due to the grates and burners
  • Less modern and minimalist design
induction hob on black top

The induction hob

In the field of hobs, design, functionality and efficiency are key elements for making your kitchen a pleasant and practical environment.

Induction hobs integrate perfectly into kitchens of any style.

They come with a smooth and uniform surface, resistant to stains and scratches but also have other functional features to take into consideration when it's time to choose the hob for your kitchen.

Cleaning and safety

Cleaning an induction hob is easy thanks to its flat surface made of glass ceramic. A damp cloth is enough to remove any food or dirt residues. It is an extremely safe hob type, as the glass on the surface remains cool to the touch during use.

Touch-control technology: to ensure an even more intuitive experience, many induction hobs are equipped with touch-control controls. This technology allows you to adjust the temperature and settings with a simple touch, making the hob even easier to use.

Integration with smart systems: home automation is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, and even hobs are affected by it. Some models offer the possibility to control and monitor the hob functions via a smartphone or tablet app, allowing you to manage cooking even remotely.

Modern design: thanks to its minimalist appearance, the induction hob gives a feeling of order and cleanliness, perfectly matching any style of furniture. Thanks to its slim profile, the top blends perfectly with the worktop, creating a harmonious image. But don't let its small size fool you, because induction technology offers excellent performance, guaranteeing quick and homogeneous cooking.

three burners on steel top

The gas hob

Gas hobs are suitable for many space requirements in the kitchen and usually have a lower purchase price.

Unlike the more recent and sophisticated induction technology, gas hobs have lower production costs, but can be less energy efficient, as part of the heat generated can be dispersed into the surrounding environment instead of being transmitted to the pan.

Choosing between a gas hob and an induction hob therefore depends on individual needs, initial cost and cooking preferences.

The gas hob is ideal for you if you are looking for:

A Touch of Fire: We cannot forget the charm of fire, which continues to be a highly appreciated element in cooking. If you love tradition and the authentic flavor of food cooked over a flame, a gas hob could be the ideal choice for you. This timeless choice gives a feeling of warmth and familiarity. The dancing flames create a cozy atmosphere and allow direct visual control of the temperature.

A versatile design: From a design point of view, gas hobs go perfectly with rustic or more traditional style kitchens. But many don't know that new gas stove designs make them perfect for many other styles. The geometric lines of the grids and the materials of which they are made, such as steel, make them particularly used also in industrial styles. Quite often, lovers of minimalist kitchens believe that everything, including household appliances, should be hidden. In reality this is not always true. Leaving the grids in sight can be very aesthetically valid. In fact, by opting for grids with simple and modern lines, you can leave them exposed even in the most minimalist kitchen.

New cutting-edge technologies: Gas hobs, despite being a traditional element in the kitchen, have benefited from important technological advances that have increased their practicality and safety. The surfaces of the new models lend themselves to much easier cleaning thanks to the possibility of being placed in the dishwasher. These hobs are also equipped with advanced burner power control systems which allow extremely precise modulation on different levels. Some latest generation products are equipped with a digital display to monitor the intensity of the flame delivered by each individual fire in real time. Finally, greater safety has been implemented thanks to the presence of a button that allows instant shutdown of all the burners.

A cheaper choice: Gas as an energy source is generally cheaper than electricity. As a result, gas-powered hobs mean lower bills.

hob cooker

A third solution: the compound hob

If you are still undecided about which type of hob to choose, you can consider a still little-known alternative, the compound hob.

The compound hob is a perfect hybrid solution to meet your culinary and design needs.

By combining the two types of hob, gas and induction, within a single unit, you won't have to give up the open flame or the speed of cooking and cleaning the hob.

A compound hob allows you to take advantage of both technologies. You can use gas when you want an open flame to roast or cook in the traditional way, and switch to induction when you need fast and precise cooking for dishes that require stable temperatures.

From a design point of view, compound hobs offer a modern and attractive look. The combination of gas and induction in one unit creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in your kitchen.

In conclusion, which is the best choice between induction hob or gas hob depends on your needs, your lifestyle and your personal tastes. Both options offer advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to evaluate design trends, functionality and the importance of live fire.

Remember that a well-chosen hob can make the difference, transforming your kitchen into a functional, aesthetically pleasing environment suitable for your culinary needs.

Take the time to carefully evaluate the options available and, if possible, try both hob types before making a final decision.

If you want to learn more, come and visit us in our showrooms, where you can see for yourself the different solutions and find the one that best suits you.

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