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The most exclusive projects and creations in the world.

Modern design and innovation: we export Made in Italy and our passion for interior design.

Our designs are characterised by a philosophy of hospitality, creating modern environments designed for personal well-being. We export our passion for design and innovation, with the aim of creating unique spaces. With our decades of experience in the furniture industry, we are able to tackle the most ambitious challenges and bring visually impactful projects to life.

  • South Korea, Seoul


    The elegance of Italian design arrives in South Korea.

    Collaboration and partnership project with AMS Group Co., Ltd. to supply kitchens for exclusive apartments in South Korea, starting in 2024. Our design team has developed an innovative concept that combines the use of high quality materials with an appealing and functional design, tailored to the Korean customer.
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  • Greece, Athens


    PRIMOPIANO CUCINE in the heart of Athens.

    We worked on the creation of a luxurious apartment complex in the heart of Athens, showcasing our experience and expertise in designing exclusive projects. Our attention to detail allowed us to provide a customised and high quality interior design experience in order to create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance in perfect harmony with the overall design of the apartments.
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