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Guide to choosing the best kitchen faucet for you

What are the best kitchen faucets?

If you are designing a new kitchen or simply want to update the sink area, it's crucial that you know how to choose among the best kitchen faucets. This detail not only involves functionality but also aesthetics and harmony with the style of the environment. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all kitchen faucets are the same and that one is as good as another.

When considering the available options, you should ask yourself: “What are the dimensions of my sink and what material should it be made of?” This, for example, will influence the choice of the most suitable faucet. Also, ask yourself if you need additional features, such as a pull-out spout or a water filtration system. Determine if these characteristics can actually improve efficiency and convenience in daily use.

Evaluate the installation methods, which can be wall-mounted, sink-mounted, or countertop-mounted. Your kitchen faucet should be placed in a location that perfectly matches your preferences but, most importantly, aligns with the kitchen layout. Consider how important it is to have freedom of movement when using a sink.

Remember that comfort and practicality are two key words in the kitchen.

Choosing the best kitchen faucet goes beyond just the aesthetic aspect. Pay attention to the details and do not hesitate to conduct thorough research, visiting stores and reading online reviews to get a clear view of the available options.

A suggestion, if you are looking for reliable and quality brands, check out the offerings from Franke and Barazza. Both offer various types of faucets, and you can find one that integrates perfectly with your kitchen.

What is the best faucet that best suits your needs?

When it comes to installing a kitchen faucet, you need to consider several aspects to ensure you choose the best one.

First, evaluate the dimensions of the sink area. Consider the arrangement of elements such as bulky cabinets or a window above the sink, which might require an adaptable faucet.

If you have limited counter space, you might opt for a deck-mounted faucet, which can be placed directly on the sink, on the kitchen counter, or on the island, offering flexibility and practicality in daily use.

Another option is the wall-mounted faucet, which is installed directly on the wall. You can consider this option if you have a small or single-basin sink. It is also suitable if you want to give your kitchen a cleaner and more minimalist look.

Once you have chosen the type of installation, evaluate the type of spout that the kitchen faucet should have to be the best for you.

If you choose a deck-mounted faucet, you can opt for various options:

1. High-Arc Faucet

High-arc faucets are the perfect choice if you have a large or double sink. The extra height allows for more space under the faucet, making it easier to fill pots and wash larger items. However, before opting for a high-arc faucet, it is important to consider the available vertical space, especially if there are cabinets above the sink.

One feature of high-arc faucets is their versatility. Some models are foldable, meaning they can be easily lowered to allow the opening of a window above the sink. This is particularly useful for optimizing air circulation and natural light in the kitchen. Others may come with a pull-out spray or a spring, adding a touch of style and professionalism to your kitchen.

2. Low-Arc Faucet

Low-arc kitchen faucets are recommended if you have limited space between the sink and a cabinet. These faucets are designed to fit more compact kitchens, making the best use of the available space. Their reduced height offers a cleaner and more minimalist look to your kitchen, perfect if you prefer a modern and discreet style.

However, there are some considerations with low-arc faucets. Due to their reduced height, you may encounter difficulties filling taller containers or washing bulky items under the faucet. Additionally, you may have fewer options in terms of additional features compared to high-arc faucets.

3. Wall-Mounted Faucet

A wall-mounted faucet is convenient in various situations, especially when you want to maximize the available space. This type of faucet is particularly suitable if you have a small or single-basin sink and want to optimize the counter space. Understanding where to position the faucet spout is important for achieving an efficient final result.

If there are no obstacles such as cabinets or shelves above the sink, placing the spout above is usually the most practical and recommended choice. This allows for greater flexibility in using the sink and makes it easier to wash bulky items.

However, sometimes there are elements in the kitchen that could interfere with the position of the spout above the sink, such as cabinets or shelves. Therefore, placing the faucet spout below might be the best solution. This ensures efficient use of space and trouble-free installation.

Wall-mounted faucets usually come with double handles to control hot and cold water, offering greater flexibility in use and water temperature regulation.

Consider these details carefully to ensure you choose the best faucet for your kitchen, one that is functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing, and durable over time.

Water efficiency influences the selection of the best kitchen faucet

When selecting the best faucet for your kitchen, small details can make a significant difference in water efficiency and savings. Start by considering a faucet with a central opening system for cold water, reducing waste by opening cold water first and then hot water. Additionally, a water-saving system with an aerator that mixes air and water can cut consumption by up to 45%.

The dual-position opening is another feature to evaluate, allowing you to save up to 50% on water usage. Besides that, the flow rate of the faucet is important for daily use. For limited consumption, opt for a flow rate of 4-9 L/min, which is excellent for gently washing vegetables. If you need to fill the sink or a pot quickly, you might prefer a higher flow rate.

Don't overlook these aspects when choosing your new faucet for a more efficient and sustainable kitchen.

One last tip, if you are looking for the best kitchen faucet for your home, Franke and Barazza offer a wide range of faucets with elegant designs and advanced functionalities. They can also meet your desire to save water.

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